How do I become a dealer?

Prospective clients can fill in a new dealer account application form and submit it to us via email or fax. We will then proceed with setting up a new account, and upon approval, we will mail over our custom shirt and tailored clothing swatch books, order forms, style manual, worksheets, lining selections, button options and more relevant information in order to get started with us.

Do you have an online ordering system?

Yes. Dealers are able to place orders online, check status of current orders in production, request changes to orders, and track shipments using our user-friendly online program.

How do I manage difficult to fit clients?

We are extremely flexible with our dealers on managing such clients. We strongly encourage dealers to provide us with photos of the client (front, back and side), along with any other relevant information you may have (perkins measurements or previously made patterns). Additionally, in such cases, we provide special attention on such orders, with our highly capable customer service team, placing a phone call, to discuss in detail to better understand the difficulty in fit the client experiences, and relate this to our Master Tailors.

What is the best way to provide special instructions?

We ask for all our dealers to please be as clear, detailed and succinct, as possible when provide additional instructions. You may write to us on the order form copy, or on a separate worksheet, or even email us. In all worksheets or email copies, please be sure to clearly display your dealer code, and the order number or client name the information relates to.

Can you create a garment from a digital picture?

Yes, we sure can. Websites, magazine or newspaper cuttings, and even copying sample garments. This is certainly possible for our highly skilled group of tailors. We request dealers NOT to fax in any such materials since several details are not clearly visible on fax copies. We ask all our dealers to email or mail us the picture or sample garment to replicate styling from.

How do you handle alterations & repairs?

Dealers may send back the garment for alteration or repair to our customer service office, along with a copy of the repair form. Once our factory receives the repair, our alterations department will begin working on it and deliver to our clients within 2 weeks. We try our best to ensure repairs are done in a prompt and quick timeframe.

Can I create my own signature look?

Yes. Several dealers have specific styles, designs, looks that they create to help build the company image or brand. We can help establish and setup a program to create a signature look on all orders for any dealer.

What is your turn-around time?

All orders are made and delivered within 3 – 4 weeks depending how busy the factory is at any given point. To ensure on-time delivery, we request all dealers to respond immediately to any questions we may have regarding style or measurement.

Do you accept rush or time-sensitive orders?

Yes. Rush orders are delivered within 2 weeks. For time-specific or time-sensitive orders, we cannot promise on-time delivery, but can guarantee maximum of 2-week turnaround. All such orders need approval from our customer service team so we may check to see if factory has capacity at that point in time, or not.

Do you keep patterns on file for repeat orders?

Yes, all patterns are kept on file for repeat orders. We recommend dealers to make minor adjustments to patterns (to be mentioned on order forms), rather than providing us with new measurements to maintain consistency in fit.

May I provide my own pattern or finished measurements to create a garment?

Sure. Dealers can provide us with their own CAD developed pattern, or finished measurements if required. We're able to tailor our garments at any size or fit the dealer wishes.

How do you handle CMT orders?

Dealers using their own fabrics may send the fabric along with the order form copy to our customer service office. We will have it sent to our factory to be cut and sewn, and sent back with any excess fabric. We encourage our dealers to check on fabric requirement with us before sending us fabric to avoid wastage of expensive fabric, or ordering too small a piece for completing the order.

Can you make custom tailored garments for children or small sizes?

Yes this is certainly possible. Believe it or not, we've even created custom tailored tuxedos for infants and toddlers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Dealers can pay their invoices either by credit card, cashier's check, or bank wire transfer.

Any further questions?

Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.


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